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Sure, the budget is important, I get it weddings are expensive.

But so is making sure we are a PERFECT fit. Let's chat and find out if we will be best friends & organise a time to jump on the phone or have a zoom session.



Wedding prices start at $3200

My most popular package is around $4800

I have created the ULTIMATE Price guide, if you want to know more about my prices shoot me an email and I will flick you across all you need to see how you can pick me to be your third wheel!


With so many options as to wedding photography, choosing the right photographer for your special day is going to be one of the most important decisions that you will make during the planning phase of your wedding.

For more package options please say hey!


Portrait Sessions start at $450.

You may have just got engaged, hit an anniversary, adding another bundle to your family or just really love having new facebook display pictures. These sessions are super fun, casual and relaxed!

For more package options please say hey!


Ever thought that you may just want to elope? 

I absolutely love elopements! You can do your day exactly how you want, we can find some absolutely epic locations to get some beautiful photos!

Elopement Packages are available from $1100

*Minimum 2 hours - Avaiable Monday - Thursday only

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How would you discribe your style & approach? We aren't camera people, how can you help us?

This is such a big & important question!! If you are looking for someone to pose you, make you stand very still and smile at the camera... I'm probably not the photographer you are after!

I want you to move, to love, laugh like you have never laughed before, to cry (happy tears of course!) I want to have fun with you guys! Most of all, I want you honestly to be yourself. I try to invite you to interact with each other, we play some silly, fun and maybe more serious "games". I might ask you questions or ask you to interact with each other in a certain way. I don't want to tell you what we do before, because overthinking this is not what we want! But for example I might say... "In your sexiest voice possible... whisper into your wife's ear... your 3 favorite veggies. or
"on the count of 3 I want you to try and say the same answer to my next question... (insert question here) 1...2...3.. Go." Now these are very basic but all that I am doing is trying to help you relax and interact with each other! But hopefully you get what i'm trying to do here! Interested? Let's organise a shoot together!
I don't want you to do something that you aren't keen on. If you are having fun, your photos will be exactly that! I talk about this subject more in my " Meet Matt" page on this website as well as in my price guide that I will send you if you like what I do! Shoot me a message so we can start to chat about your day!

Will you travel to my wedding?

Yes! I most certainly do travel, I love to travel!!!

Travel is free Between Nowra & South Sydney and out to the southern highlands.
Outside of these areas there are small travel fees, if its more then 3 hours from home (Shellharbour NSW) 1 nights accomodation will need to be added to the total coast also!

For all interstate & overseas weddings I make sure that we come up with an agreement that is cost effiective for not only myself but you guys too! I do have a few weddings a year which I will travel to because I am super excited about what you guys are doing!

If you are keen on an adventure, I am too!
Long story short, want me to travel overseas or interstate? Sign me up! But let's chat first!

Can we meet you before we lock you in & grab a coffee?

Absolutely, I love coffee! As you can imagine my friday's & weekends are pretty hectic and I do need some family time. But if we can find a time mid week or saturday morning that suits us that would be perfect! Otherwise sometimes it's better for everyone if we jump on the phone or organise a facetime!
I think it's so important that we all get on & that we are on the same page! I dont want to be a stranger when I turn up at your wedding, we are meant to be best friends remember!

Do you have a second photographer?

I certainly do, if we think we need one due to a time constrant or a tradition that I would need to be in two different spots at once. But to be completely honest, 99% of my weddings I shoot by myself. We most likely can get away with having just me for the day!

Do you offer videography?

I prefer to focus on what I am passionate & good at! I also know how important it is to love what vendors are apart of your day, videographers especially! There are alot out there and its important for you to LOVE what they do.
In saying this, I do have a bunch of different videographers with different styles that I work with regularly and can definetly recommend. I can help you with this process, if you are looking for videographers, I can send some links to some of the best in the biz!

When is a good time to book you in?

Right now! There is no time like the present... At the moment popular dates are booking out anywhere up to almost 2 years in advance!
Honestly the amount of emails that I reply to saying sorry your date is not avaiable is silly and I absolutely hate having to write those emails. So as soon as you have your venue all locked in, I would suggest you reach out and get me all locked in!
I find that its best if you do have your heart set on a venue and myself then it would be great if you found out from both myself and the venue what dates we are avaialble so that you can lock both of us in!

How do we book you in?

Shoot me a message and fill in my contact form! Once you have done this and if i'm avaiable i will flick you an email with my price guide, you can ask me as many questions as you need to, if you are happen then you just let me know which package you would like to move forward with. I will go ahead and get the paperwork ready.
Once you pay your non-refundable deposit (this is usually around 30% of your package) & sign / send back the contract your date is all secured with me!

How much does it cost to have you shoot our wedding?

For specific costs shoot me an email and I will get back to you with my price guide. But to give you a heads up, my packages for weddings start from around $3000 with my most popular package around $4800
I also have elopement packages starting at around $1100 Engagement, family & portrait sessions start from $450

How many photo's will we recieve, do we get a sneak peek & when's delievery

This is a super common question I get asked and to be honest, there is no limit to how many photo's you will recieve!

Every wedding is different, I would say most couples who pick an 8 hour package with me would get back at least 500 photos.
You will get a sneak peek of around a dozen images within 24-48hours of your day, the rest of the images will be delievered to you within 4-6 weeks.
All your images will be on a USB. I also have options for full online digital galleries if that's your preference.

Do you do offer Prints & Albums?

YES! I seriously love it when couples get albums in there packages. Getting an album will have the best of the best printed and off that usb! As for prints, usually couples once they get back all the images will message me so we can get some printed for you. You tell me the images, I get you a quote & we fill up those blank walls :)

Will you help us with planning our day?

I'm not here to just be your photographer, I would love to give you some hints and tips along the way if I can! Espeically for your timeline of the day to make sure we can go off and get some beautiful photos of you in the best lighting possible!

If you have questions, im here to help you! Just ask :)

Do you have a list of Vendors you could recommend?

Absolutely! I work with so many epic vendors that i would be more then happy to recommend! If you are looking for someone in particular shoot me a message!

Got more questions that I haven't covered here?

I'm an open book, if I have missed something or you have another question then send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible answers to all of your questions!